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ART FAIR 今日亚洲 孙彦初 Sun Yanchu @ Asia Now Paris

M97 is pleased to participate in the 5th edition of Asia Now in Paris from October 16 - October 20. Presenting a selection of recent works by Sun Yanchu, the exhibition will highlight two of Sun’s most recent bodies of work "Developer Paintings" and “Ficciones” and will be the artist's first solo presentation in Paris. ASIA NOW, the first European art fair showcasing the diversity of Asia's contemporary art scene, celebrates its 5th Edition from 16 to 20 October 2019, at 9 Avenue Hoche, Paris 8e.


With Sun Yanchu's current series "Ficciones," he subjects photos to plastic experiments of all kinds. Mixing gold leaf, watercolor, acrylic, even soy sauce, Sun distorts and embellishes the original content and narratives of these anonymous photographs. Often small in size, they become a pretext for starting a story or a tale that develops beyond the restricted frame of the original picture. For this edition of AsiaNow, M97 will exhibit 5 large format works from the Ficciones series.

Autumn 秋日

孙彦初 sun yanchu / 2017

110 x 72cm - Unique

Photograph and mixed media

Deep spring 春深

孙彦初 sun yanchu / 2017

122 x 95cm - Unique

Photograph and mixed media

Happy Holiday 美好假期

孙彦初 sun yanchu / 2017

24 x 33cm - Unique

Photograph and mixed media


An experienced photographer and darkroom printer, in his “Developer Painting” series Sun Yanchu experiments with chemical paintings on traditional photographic paper. Incorporating Chinese ink brush techniques and traditional darkroom processes, Sun Yanchu controls the liquid, temperature, light exposure and developing process to create this series of 'developer paintings'. Layers of black and grays resemble traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy, which the artist has been exposed to since childhood. Developer paintings are a mixture of Sun’s passion for traditional Chinese art and the technical, experimental, time and chance elements inherent to photography.

Waiting bird 等鸟

孙彦初 sun yanchu / 2018

50.7 x 61cm- Unique

Developer painting on silk gelatin silver paper

Bonsai 盆景

孙彦初 sun yanchu / 2018

205.4 x 20.3cm- Unique

Developer painting on silk gelatin silver paper

Three Tigers 三只老虎

孙彦初 sun yanchu / 2018

30.3 x 41cm - Unique

Developer painting on gelatin silver paper

Sun Yanchu was born in 1978 in Zhoukou, Henan Province. He lives and works in Zhengzhou. He has been awarded several international art prices, including the MIO Photo (Morumura Yasumasa) Special Award in 2010, the Lianzhou International Photo Festival New Photography Award in 2011, and the Jinan International Photo Biennale Best Photographer Award in 2012.



ASIA NOW is expanding and this year will welcome over 50 of the most prominent and cutting-edge galleries presenting over 250 established and emerging artists from China, Korea, Japan, Central and Southeast Asia, who push the boundaries of contemporary art.

Founded by Claude Fain and Alexandra Fain, ASIA NOW aims to present the new perspectives and issues for contemporary Asian art and its market: the value of its artists, its potential for development, and its rising stars.

ASIA NOW reaffirms itself as the annual meeting place for opinion leaders of the art world, fostering an innovative environment gathering artists, curators, institutions and collectors around topics related to the fast-evolving art scene in Asia. This year, ASIA NOW will also dedicate a section to Design and will present designers who create alternative, modular and multi-functional objects.

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