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Civilization: The Way We Live Now @UCCA尤伦斯当代艺术中心


Civilization: The Way We Live Now

至5月19日 Until May. 19th


The UCCA presents the photographic works "Civilization: The Way We Live Now", which featured more than 250 works by more than 120 photographers from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. It highlights the development of photography as an art medium and t the unique ability of photographers to present all aspects of contemporary life. Produced by curator William A. Ewing and Holly Roussell both jointly planned and collaborated with photography exhibition foundation (Minneapolis/New York/Paris/Lausanne), The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea and UCCA.

截取自: 摄影新媒体 风面

UCCA「文明:当代生活启示录」策展人Holly | 风面·对话No.4

MICHAEL WOLF | 迈克尔 • 沃尔夫

Michael Wolf, Architecture of Density #91, 2006

Michael Wolf was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up in the United States and Canada. He studied both at the University of California Berkley and at the Folkwang School in Essen (Germany) with renowned photography master Otto Steinert. He has lived in Hong Kong since 1994 and has worked extensively across China. His photographs explore the complex cultural identity of China, from commercial elements of this new global economy to the social and economic implications of the urban density in the city of Hong Kong.

‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’ exhibition in UCCA

Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression #05, 2010 & Tokyo Compression #109, 2010

‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’ exhibition in UCCA

‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’ exhibition in UCCA

‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’ exhibition in UCCA

Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression #35, 2010


Lois Conner, Hines, Puxi Construction, Shanghai, 2016

Lois Conner’s is a born traveler and adventurer, and an obsessive collector and observer of the landscape, attempting “to twist what the camera faithfully describes into something of fiction”. Conner first went to China on a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1984 and has returned every year since. She has made dozens of trips photographing China for more than thirty years. She is a graduate of Yale University’s prestigious Photography MFA program and continues to print her works in both the exquisite plantium-palladium process as well large-format pigment printing.

Artist:Zhang Peili and Wang Qiang at the exhibtion in UCC

‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’ exhibition in UCCA


Peter Bialobrzeski, Paradise Now-18, 2008

Peter Bialobrzeski studied Politics and Sociology before he became a photographer for a local paper in his native Wolfsburg, Germany. He traveled extensively in Asia before he studied Photography and Editorial at University of Essen and at the London College of Printing (now University of the Arts London). After having worked as a photojournalist for almost 15 years and published his works worldwide, Peter started to focus more on personal projects. He interprets his work neither as documentary nor as art but defines it as cultural practice.

NADAV KANDER | 纳达夫·坎德尔

Nadav Kander,Kurchatov and the polygon, 2011

Nadav Kander is a contemporary British-Israeli photographer known for his images of cities and landscapes, as in his photobooks Yangtze—The Long River (2010) and Dust (2012). Kander’s work often focuses on changes in society by capturing abandoned structures or those still being built. “Just showing positive, expected images of beauty an airbrushing away the conditions that make us human seems like a deception to me,” he has said. He began to take photographs using a Pentax camera in 1974, and was later drafted into the South African Army, where he worked in a dark room. In 1986, Kander moved to London where he established a photo studio and continues to live and work.

Nadav Kander, Graveyard at Kurchatov, 2011

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