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Lin Zhipeng, No.223 @The Walther Collection

Then and Now:

Life and Dreams Revisited

The Walther Collection

Neu-Ulm, Germany

5/5 - 10/27, 2019

The Walther Collection is pleased to present Then and Now: Life and Dreams Revisited, an exhibition that extends the Collection's ongoing survey of Chinese photography since 2017. The second iteration combines early 20th century travel photography of China with seminal works by 31 internationally renowned artists such as Ai Weiwei, Song Dong, RongRong, Yang Fudong, and Zhang Huan, as well as a presentation of innovative works by a younger generation of artists such as Lu Yang and Zhou Tao.

Curated by Simon Baker, a selection of works by Lin Zhipeng - also known under the pseudonym "No.223" - will be presented on the upper level of the White Cube. Born in 1979 in Guangdong province, No.223 has become a representative figure in contemporary Chinese photography for works that explore urban youth culture, queer love, gender and sexuality in China. Furthermore, No.223's highly personal works offer a fluid and intimate view of lives and dreams in contemporary China, which stands in stark contrast to imposed conservative cultural values and standards.

223, Explosive Closet, 2018

223, Single Lily, 2010

223, Under Flowers, 2011

223, The Wounds Like A Stave, 2014

223, Grand Amour, Meimei’s Flying, 2018

▼ Book Launch ▼

Coming in June 2019

"Flowers and Fruits" is a series of flowers and fruits, which No.223 has taken many times as motifs of subjects. The flowers and fruits with vitality and beauty have fascinated many people at any time.

Launch & Book-signing @ UNFOLD: Shanghai Art Book Fair (17-19 May)


Page: 176 pages

Size: 148 x 210mm

Design: Satoshi Suzuki

Published by T&M Projects, 2019 (Japan)

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