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Paris Photo 2018

M97 Gallery Shanghai is pleased to participate in the 2018 edition of Paris Photo. For this year's exhibition, M97 is presenting a thematic group show with recent works by gallery artists Sun Yanchu, Cai Dongdong, Wang Ningde, Dong Wensheng.

上海M97画廊很荣幸参展 2018 Paris Photo 巴黎国际摄影博览会。今年M97将呈现一个主题群展,带来画廊艺术家孙彦初、蔡东东、王宁德、董文胜的最新作品。


Wang Ningde (b. 1972) is one of the foremost artists working with the photographic medium in China today. Since graduating from the Luxun Fine Arts Academy, Wang Ningde’s artistic practice has consistently set out to explore the core fundamental elements of photography: light, paper, materials, image and the nature of “writing with light”. In FORM OF LIGHT Wang Ningde goes a step further to deconstruct the original image form and representation to later reconstruct it for the viewer as an abstract and inverted photographic mirage. Wang Ningde began working on the Form of Light series following his own intellectual curiosity about language and photography as a means of expression.

王宁德(b. 1972)是当今中国最重要的摄影艺术家之一。从鲁迅美术学院毕业后,王宁德的艺术实践一直致力于探索摄影的核心基本元素:光、纸、材料、图像和“用光写作”。王宁德以光的形式进一步解构原始图像的形式和表现,并将其作为一种抽象的倒置摄影,海市蜃楼重新呈现给观者,王宁德是在对语言和摄影作为一种表达方式,在好奇心驱使下开始创作光的系列。

Sun Yanchu "Deep Spring"《春深》Photograph and mixed media

122 X 95cm - Unique, 2017, M97 - Booth A34


Sun Yanchu was born in 1978 in China’s central Henan Province and now lives and works in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital. He has been awarded several international art prices, including the MIO Photo (Morumura Yasumasa) Special Award in 2010, the Lianzhou International Photo Festival New Photography Award in 2011, and the Jinan International Photo Biennale Best Photographer Award in 2012.

孙彦初1978年出生于中国中部的河南省,现在生活和工作在省会郑州。先后荣获2010年MIO Photo (Morumura Yasumasa)特别奖、2011年连州国际摄影节新摄影奖、2012年济南国际摄影双年展最佳摄影奖等多项国际艺术奖项。

Sun Yanchu "A Lady No.10"《一个女子》photograph and mixed media

12 x 13.5cm - Unique, 2017, M97 - Booth A34

Sun Yanchu "Offerspring"《莲生与莲生》photograph and mixed media

145 x 98cm - Unique, 2017, M97 - Booth A34


With a background in photography and image production theory,Cai Dongdong‘s practice reaches beyond photography to become a topology of the image. In Cai’s installations, the photograph may serve strictly as a reference point or a gateway towards the story Cai is constructing or reconstructing.In a dilemna where photography is controlled and abducted by the object’s original structure, is it possible to creat an image typology? In Cai Dongdong’s works we can peek at another space hidden in the image.

蔡东东(b. 1978)凭借摄影和图像制作理论的背景,他的实践超越了摄影,运用拓扑学里的空间几何形式来表现事物内部的结构,变成拓扑学的影像。在蔡东东的装置艺术中,严格来说,摄影是作为一个观点或是通往其建构及重新建构这个故事的大门。在摄影里容易受到真实事物的影响,有没有可能创造出图像摄影呢?蔡东东的作品中,我们可以看到隐藏在图像中的另一个空间。

Cai Dongdong "The Mountain Cutters"《开山者》Silver gelatin print, Stones

52 x 55.5 x 56.5cm - Edition of 3, 2017, M97 - Booth A34

Cai Dongdong "Picking Fruit"《摘果子》Silver gelatin print, Mirror

46.6 x 59cm - Edition of 6, 2016, M97 - Booth A34


董文胜(b. 1970)受中国传统艺术、瓷器和诗歌,以及物理学、尼采和罗伯特·劳森伯格作品的影响。他的作品与弗洛伊德的观察不谋而合,即这种神秘的东西“既不是新鲜,也不是陌生,而是……”只有通过压抑的过程,才能与(心灵)疏离”。董文生为他的摄影世界创作了亲密而神秘的诗篇,反映在他真实而又难以捉摸的形象中。他将中国传统知识分子悲观甚至病态的心态引入摄影的巫术中,使其成为他作品的核心精神。

Dong Wensheng (b. 1970) names among his influences traditional Chinese art, porcelain and poetry, as well as physics, Nietzsche, and Robert Rauschenberg. His work echoes Freud’s observation that the uncanny is “nothing new or alien, but something which ... has become alienated from [the mind] only through the process of repression”. Dong Wensheng constructs intimate, mystical poems for the world of his photographs, reflected in his real yet elusive images. He introduces into his witchcraft of photography a pessimistic or even morbid mentality of traditional Chinese intellectuals, and makes them become the core spirit of his artworks.

Dong Wensheng "Yidam"《本尊》Archival pigment print

120 x 100cm - Edition of 8, 2007 , M97 - Booth A34

Dong Wensheng "201212" Silver gelatin print, Watercolor

31 x 31cm - Edition of 12, 2012, M97 - Booth A34


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