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Struggle 50x50cm
The Last River120x90cm
Sad Flies120x120cm
Stone Skipping50x50cm
Gust of Wind Blowing90x60cm
A Burst Of Joy120x90cm
a gentle summer
A Calm Mosquito120x120cm

This is about summer, about the people and the past of this season.

As time hurries by, we grow from a child into a youth of this complex era. As we grow up we are inundated with various information from the society. Our thoughts get more complicated. We have a lot more to think about. All the naive, pure things get farther away from our lives. During my childhood I hadn’t realized the preciousness of that period of my life. I even thought I shouldn’t have been a child. But by the time I discovered the fineness of childhood, I had already turned into an adult. Today I have to face the world of grown ups, rushed and busy. The world that I chase after becomes part of my ideals. I always think people’s real ideals are the things we obsess over during our simpler days. We like and obsess over a lot when we are youngsters. As time goes by, we grow up, and we eventually forget them all, until we are attracted by life again and start to ponder the meaning of life. Then we realize how important it is to have obsessed over something or someone. That something, someone, or some group that I used to obsess over, eventually comes up in my life’s trivial moments. Summer played a happy role in my youth. It was happy, quiet, and rustic, which also brings a feeling of drowsiness. I use the feelings I have for this season to express the people and things in my past and current life. They are the passages of my life, and I am their transient visitor. The days are made up of the nonstop appearance and compilation of these passages. This season makes me feel at ease. The drowsiness makes me more focused on the details of life. These subjects all come from everyday life. They are very ordinary when they appear individually. But when they take place together, they become very interesting. Everyday life is but a compilation of these seemingly boring objects and events, shaping our varied and colorful facets of life. 

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