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Sun Yanchu started his art creation in the base of photography. He has won Lianzhou photo 2011 New Photography Award and MIO Photo Awaard. 孙彦初以摄影为基础摄影进行创作,曾获得过连州国际摄影年展2011年度摄影奖评审员(森村泰昌)特别奖。曾出版过《沉溺于此》、《虚构集》,《不够漫长》是他最新一本单行本作品集。


Softcover and a set of book (PVC Cover Protector)


Pages: 99 Pages

Size: 185 x 225 x 9mm


Design: Zhen SHI, Yinhe

Limited: 500 copies (March,2019)


Published by La Maison De Z



SUN YANCHU 孙彦初 | Even us, Even me《不够漫长》

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