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June 17 -September 30, 2018

M97 is pleased to present "Memory of Stones" an exhibition of works by Lu Yanpeng (b.1984) . "Memory of Stones" presents over thirty silver gelatin photographs from one of the artist’s earliest bodies of works, many of which are previously unexhibited and drawn from the artist's archive printed in the early days of his aspiring career as a young artist nearly ten years ago. 


 Lu Yanpeng’s black and white photographs in "Memory of Stones" are montages of his expressive Chinese landscape photographs and the drawings and sketches done by his lover, who would later become his wife. Combined images of the two young artists’ works in the darkroom results in an intimate and almost romantic serenade. The photographs are an exploration and bridge between the art forms of painting and photography, but also of two young artists in search of a connection. Lu Yanpeng’s photographs of his favorite Chinese mountain landscapes ground us in his poetic scenery, while the sketches of small bodies and figures float atop the photographic surface creating a surreal world of juxtapositions and superimpositions of the psyches and artistic expressions of the couple. 


Lu Yanpeng was born in 1984 in Fujian Province. He presently lives and works in Beijing. After graduating from the Art Institute of Fujian University in 2005, he has participated in numerous exhibitions both in China and internationally. Lu Yanpeng was nominated for the FOAM Paul Huf Award in Netherlands in 2011 and received the top award at the 2011 Pingyao International Photography Festival for the Best Photographer for his work “Open Air”. He was the youngest artist to ever receive this award.

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