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LIN ZHIPENG 223 | 林志鹏 223

Naming himself “No. 223” after the police character in Wong Kar-Wai’s movie Chungking Express, Lin Zhipeng also adopts a sense of the Hong Kong director’s poetic and dreamy atmosphere as well as the loneliness and mystery of many of his film’s characters. Working from inspirations of the likes of Guy Bourdin, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Juergen Teller, Lin Zhipeng offers his point of view on an alternative youth spirit and culture in an often conservatively Chinese cultural context. His spontaneous photographs portray a young generation who indulge in love and life, oscillating between jubilation and deep melancholy, playful sexuality and often just the simple human need to be loved in an otherwise indifferent and ever-changing society.


Born in Guangdong in 1979, Lin Zhipeng is a photographer and freelancer writer based in Beijing. Created in 2003, his blog “North Latitude 23” where he published everyday pictures accompanied by short texts received millions views and made him famous among the web community. His photographs have been featured in numerous publications such a Vice and Voices of Photography magazines, as well as the book New Photography in China (2006). Presented for ten years in group exhibitions in China (Lianzhou International Photography Festival, 2008 ; 2014) and abroad (Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, 2013), Lin Zhipeng’s works have recently been the object of several solo shows both nationally and internationally (Loppis Galleria Parma, 2014 ; De Sarthe Gallery Beijing, 2016 ; Stieglitz19 Gallery Antwerp, 2016).

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