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Known for the past twenty years on the Chinese art scene as an expressionist painter, Liang Wenzhou 梁卫洲 (born in 1962) is also a talented photographer who works in the pictorialist tradition. Passionate about his hometown Shanghai, he offers a peculiar and very personal vision of its outskirts. His series Scenery and Still Life and Post-Jiangnan – a southern region of the Yangtze River – offers large-format photographs which combine several imageries, ranging from ethereal still lifes, traditional landscapes of rocks and rivers, to more contemporary settings being slowly overtaken by factories. The images he creates are somewhere between painting and photography: Liang dares to add colours, scratches, marks and other retouching techniques that recall his experience as a painter. His ethereal and eerie visions of Shanghai plunge the viewer into a deep meditation split between reverie and nostalgia.

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