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Dong Wensheng Unbridled Waves

From 13 June until 31 July 2015, M97 Gallery in Shanghai, China, is displaying the works of artist Dong Wensheng in a solo exhibition entitled “Continuum”.

For the artist’s first solo exhibition at this gallery, Dong’s latest photographic works will be on display, featuring photographs from two separate bodies of work: Continuum (2015) and Unbridled Waves (2010-2011). The exhibition features works that experiment with different darkroom techniques, which incorporate painting and writing with light as well as chemical treatment of the photographic paper. Unbridled Waves comprises 16 silver gelatine photographs, in which the artist draws bold waves on the water with a light pen, representing a fleeting encounter between man and nature on a thin layer of negative film. In this way, the artist is interested in connecting himself with the rich history of Asian and Western philosophy.

Born in Ganyu, Jiangsu in 1970, Dong Wensheng is an artist who works mainly with photography and video art. His works are strongly influenced by traditional Chinese aesthetics. He has had numerous exhibitions around the world and his works are held in major public collections including: the White Rabbit collection, the Uli Sigg collection, and the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, among many others.

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