DONG Wensheng was born in Ganyu, Jiangsu in 1970. A protégé of Zhou Xiaohu, Dong Wensheng works primarily in photography and video art. His works are known to have a strong signature style that originates from traditional Chinese aesthetics, and are rich in implicit poetic languages. His representative series, “Backyard”, “Flesh and Stone” and “Unbridled Waves”, are permeated with a unique oriental mystique, solitude, and even a kind of absurdity, leading the viewer into a distinctive aesthetic dimension where tradition and reality overlap, existence and void co-exist.

Dong’s photographs have been extensively exhibited around the world and are featured in prominent private and public collections such as the White Rabbit collection, the Uli Sigg collection, and the Art Museum of Nanjing University, among others.


没有世界观的面孔 No worldview for the face  2008 Size1 150cm x 180cm Ed. of 5 、 Size2 100cm x 120cm Ed. of 8
江湖最后一个大佬_/2008 Size1 128cm x 180cm Ed. of 6 、 Size2 90cm x 126cm Ed. of 12
一拳五岳 Skeleton Rock / 2007 Size1 150cm x 180cm Ed. of 5 、 Size2 100cm x 120cm Ed. of 8