October 20, 2018

Lois Conner began her artistic journey in China in 1984. With a Guggenheim Fellowship, she left her work at the United Nations in New York to explore the Chinese landscape of Guangxi province using her 7x17 panoramic camera. The elongated format of her photographs are similar to classical scroll painting and cinematic form. Although Conner set out to photograph the Karst formations of Guilin, what is less known are her portraits. “The people in my landscapes are just as important as the landscapes themselves ... Without them there is no context, scale, or connection to place. Often they are the reason that I am making the photograph.”

October 20, 2018

Hiroshi Maeda has been hunting his memories of fireflies since his childhood. In Japan, fireflies are considered to be a national treasure and detecting them requires great precision both in the choice of remote places and the time of shooting. Hiroshi Maeda has worked with local farmers to find the best locations. Pure water is very important for these magic moments to happen. For many years, due to pollution, the fireflies disappeared, and it's only lately that they have come back. This series is a highly poetic examination of the possibility of reversing the harmful effects of humans and industry on the environment.

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