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     If the world is transparent, then it must be tangible……From black goes to white, then from white goes back to black; from tangible to intangible, it always goes round and round without any change. Perhaps this is the trace of the past of this world itself, in that way you must have forgotten its form unconsciously. It seems that these kinds of forms are originally not existed in the world, or in nature, nor in time, but when you connect them as line, as weight, or as shade, then they appear……

          Chaos has no trace originally, however when it moves, it becomes tangible; when it’s tangible, it becomes substantial; when it’s substantial, it becomes traceable; and when there’s trace existing, there’s chaos and conflict, afterwards people getting long for succession and sublimation. Disorders blend and fight with each other, with which the new succession as well as the new life is born. New life creates new world, new history and culture, new thirst and possibility.


        Where comes from……When……Where to go……


             The photograph has its concreteness of image, but it’s not to say that the concreteness of its concept never be changed.        The way of using camera to express is still good and convenient.Of course I believe what I said by the trace of image, the trace of painting and the trace of material, it’s not as good as saying it is the photograph, and it is the art. It’s the indeed essence of photograph. This kind of medium itself has the liberty that likes a virgin. So it’s not equal to the design on computer, here I mentioned again this kind of tool, computer, but I have to say the modern processing machine like computer also has a strong trace of media, in this way, there’s drawback of this preconceived habitual expression of concept. Computer is able to “make confusion between the genuine and false”, but it still could be suspected. 


            So I didn’t use it in my past experience of image in photograph, I fear it more than respect of it, because it is itself, and just itself, more or less would still be itself…… “The reality of image” is an interesting and charming thing. I wish to keep the charm of this kind of direct photograph. The distance itself is beautiful, perhaps also would be the last heritage of the world……


             Photograph could make fake, but that would also just “the fake of photograph”. Although I don’t refuse the possibility that computer might be a kind of new media, but that’s not to say I didn’t see the real charm of direct photograph. That rougher reality is much like the fragment between time and the edge of material rather than noise, which conforms to a dependable devout religion, and could only be accepted by the most “pure” and devout thing. Absolutely, we can design to delete some trace part of the reality process, but this could contribute us to be more suspicious of our existing space.


             There is nothing that never changed, although there might be several retroactive and continued fragments, or even these fragments would disappear. However, the belief itself would not extinct, as long as the human beings still exist.

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