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骆丹 LUO DAN @Peabody Essex Museum皮博迪·埃塞克斯博物馆

Peabody Essex Museum

M97 Gallery artist Luo Dan photographic works is pleased to exhibit with John Thomason at the Peabody Essex museum(PEM) til May 17 2020.

John Thomson (1837 - 1921), one of the street photography pioneers who journeyed across Eastern Asia in the 1860s, meticulously documented its people and culture via his photography. Contemporary Chinese photographer Luo Dan’s work focuses on the impact of modernization and globalization in China. Luo traveled to the remote Nu River Valley in southwestern China, where he lived with and photographed the Lisu and Nu Christian ethnic minority communities for nearly two years, using the same hand-made wet-collodion process that Thomson had employed some 150 years earlier. Luo was especially interested in what he perceived as the villagers’ connection to local cultural traditions. A Lasting Memento features 10 works by Luo that reflect on and reverberate with the spirit and enterprise of Thomson’s 19th-century project, both of their works are exhibited and museum will also collect 10 Luo's works that are on display into their permanent collection.

The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) which was established in 1799, it is a museum of art and culture located in Salem, Massachusetts, United States. It is the oldest museum and one of the largest museums to collect and exhibit Asian arts in the United States.


Installation views

Luo Dan graduated from Sichuan Institute of Fine Art in 1992 and initially worked as a photojournalist for an agency. However, he quit the profession in 2005 in search of creating work with more personal value and meaning to him. This search led to three long and distinct journeys; one across the highway route 318 in 2006, another from the north to the south of China in 2008 (‘North, South’), and one along the Nu river of Yunnan province in 2010, shown in his series ‘Simple Song’.

Simple Song

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.4, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.19, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.7, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.30, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.28, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.1, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.25, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.61, China

Luo Dan, Simple Song No.64, China

2016 Luo Dan's Solo Exhibition @M97 Gallery

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