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Chemical Landscape

Chemical Landscape
Essay by Zheng Nong

These chemical landscapes come from the very place where film and light first meet … much earlier than I ever press the camera shutter, controlling film and exposure. From these origins, I embarked on creating these landscapes. They are a mixture of gazing, meditation, and memory. Similar compositions and colors turn into patterns and subtle differences melt together to become scenery, as light passes through manifesting itself in different shades and tones through this chemical reaction.

When facing virtual landscapes like these, my suppressed imagination lands on them with relief … some of them appearing to be like waves on the ocean, or others like mountains from far away, others seem to have assembled into earthly landscapes with wild grasses and tree lines. In most of them, there’s sunlight and a long, extended horizon... In front of my eyes lay all these landscapes, but where I could never set foot, an area where abstraction meets actuality. But this region is forever on the other side, having a distance that is a lifetime out of reach.

These landscapes generated by these chemical reactions do not belong in any particular period or era and will remain unchanged by time, regardless of anything before or after. There’s actually no place for people in these lands, but I am certain that everyone who views these landscapes will imagine themselves there and what it would be like to experience such a scene. I suppose the moments embodied in these landscapes are like after an apocalypse. I hope these landscapes are vast enough, so that way we can all be in them.