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Yangtze - The Long River
扬子 - 长江

Drawn to the immense scale of China and its development, Kander’s newest project focuses on the Yangtze River, whose banks and waterways provide home and livelihood for hundreds of millions of Chinese. Taken along the river from its source in remote western China to its mouth just off the shores of Shanghai, these photographs, shown here for the very first time, depict the human footprint of habitat and industry that can be seen along the shores of China’s longest river.

Yangtze - The Long River
By Nadav Kander

The Yangtze River, which forms the premise to this body of work, is the main artery that flows 4100miles (6500km) across china, travelling from its furthest westerly point in Qinghai Province to Shanghai in the east. The river is embedded in the consciousness of the Chinese, even for those who live thousands of miles from the river. It plays a significant role in both the spiritual and physical life of the people.