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When To Leave 何时离去


M97 is pleased to announce the first exhibition at our new gallery space on Changping Road in Shanghai’s central Jing’an District. Chengdu-based artist Luo Dan’s newest series of photographic works “WHEN TO LEAVE” portrays large-format wet-plate collodion landscapes of desolate western regions in China. Innovating on this 19th century photographic process, Luo Dan enlarges his works to the scale of 160cm (∼60”) rendering with exquisite beauty and detail in a rarely seen large format. This exhibition will be the third solo exhibition of Luo Dan’s work at M97, and there will be an opening reception for the artist on Saturday April 16th from 5-7pm at M97 Gallery [363 Changping Rd., 2nd Floor, Shanghai]. There will be a preview for the media on April 16th from 4-6pm.
Harnessing the weight of the history of photographic images, Luo Dan uses the power of time, place, and more importantly the idea of transcending time, to create for us a kind of New Historical image or photograph. Luo Dan’s photographs not only show to the viewer arid, desolate, almost primal landscapes, but also convince us with the persuasion of history by alluding to the historical photographic canon. It becomes a new image dichotomy for us to interpret and understand. In 21st century photographic culture, there is an almost desensitizing flow of digital image content that when faced with images of such convincing power, composure, scale and substance creates a new-historical photographic experience for us and creates a very contemporary-historical visual reaction to Luo Dan’s new works.