ARTISTS >  HUANG Xiaoliang|黄晓亮

A Gentle Summer
夏 - 委婉

Multi-layered photographs of outdoor, warm weather revelry, Huang’s latest body of work explores the artist’s interpretation of the essence of summer. Universal themes like water and lush, life-filled nature abound in these scenes, as well as children in wondrous contemplation of nature.

Huang Xiaoliang’s unique photographic technique creates a cinematic, dream-like quality of the subconscious, or magical realism. A truck brimming with fish jumping before a wide-eyed child, the wonder of observing the flight of a dragonfly, the sense of anticipation of a swimmer about to dive, a lovers’ passionate kiss among water lilies - all remind us of the beauty of youth and carefree days. Huang’s newest photographs are an ode to simple celebration and the ordinary pleasures of life during the summer season, an exhortation to appreciate the small things that give meaning to life.

Huang Xiaoliang creates magical black and white worlds out of projected shadows and layered images. By studying the most fundamental elements of photography - light and shadow – and following the ancient tradition of Chinese shadow puppetry, Huang stretches the boundaries of photographic representation in a masterful display of pre-production skills. His finished scenes are full of nostalgia for the loss of innocence and the simplicity of childhood.