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About "Three Years"

M97 Gallery is pleased to announce Three Years, an selection of artist Chi Peng’s works from the past three years. The exhibition takes place at 170 Yueyang Road, Lane 1 Bldg 3 #102, Shanghai. A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, August 29, from 3:00pm until 5:00pm. Concurrently, an exhibition of Chi Peng’s new series "I Am A Little Nervous Towards A World That Is Hidden" opens at Collective space at No.100 Yu Qing Road.
Three years… each year sees the creation of only one artwork. This is not the result of an advance-through-retreat, or retreat-through-retreat attitude. Neither does it have anything to do with anxiety about inaction, inability or mindlessness. Perhaps this pace was due to the progression between three different frames of mind: from a direct, front-on Chinese-poster-like representation, to a more demure social commentary, and then onto an ambiguous ethical judgement. Although it is difficult to find a comprehensive narrative in such a transition, these three pieces are a reflection of my evolving artistic mind set over these past three years.
As part of this generation of Chinese youth which has gone from confronting society to confronting oneself, my previous intention was to restore reality from a third-person perspective. Yet, later, I have turned to express my personal reality, my personal moods and social concerns, and my patriotic emotions, which are paradoxical and united at the same time. The presentation of such expressions may seem divided, but as a matter of fact, us, human beings, are complicated in nature, our works and creations are not mechanical products and as such they should not be generalized and categorized into any so-called style or pattern. These three works represent three different results of a diverse creative process. One such result is respect for the facts and for social reality, another is a detestation of the simplistic commercialism that relies on the use of easy symbols.
At any time, a multi-directional development is far from harmful. There is no other talent more important than curiosity. Creative diversity elevates and augments the artist’s standards and talent. Artworks carry the artist’s own signature scent, like an ethereal byproduct of the artist’s body, and as such its arbitrariness should be respected, whether pleasant or repulsive.
No rushing: three years, three pieces, this is how it was.