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Adou 阿斗

Self-reflection and harmony between man and nature really boils down to a tragedy and an illusion. But who would really want to feel it?

That is why I am full of pessimism and despair of my past after photographing SAMALADA. But I am still being attracted to the enchanting peripheral vision behind the tragedy. Could this be the destiny of humans?

When it comes to destiny, resentment against God and reality, history, or growth, there is nothing easy, nothing cheerful about it. These, in the end, are a tragedy, too. There is nothing we can do but feel helpless.

We are helpless as humans, as Chinese. Chinese people carry a heavy burden. Pressure is ubiquitous and overwhelming. Even if you indulge yourself in deviation for a little while, you are doomed to face the music! You face the country;face the authority; and face the truth that you would rather not see.

Go ahead, run away to the end of the world! Go and imagine the world in your own illusion. Though you may leave your physical being on the other side of the world, your heart is tightly tied to where you started. You muster up all your courage, ask yourself in self-reflection in the face of corpses buried under the ancient Great Wall, of this shattered land, and unknown, clueless strata. You will soon be overwhelmed with the powerful reality as if you are in-toxicated with the aged wine of time.